April 2020 Zero Car Sales: Darkest Month of Indian Auto Industry

April 2020 zero car sales reported: it will be the darkest month for Indian Automobile Industry in the history of the Indian Automobile Industry. April 2020 will be probably the first month in history with ZERO dispatches from the Automobile manufacturers Across India. Not only OEMs but also their respective dealerships reported Zero sales to end customers.

The Impact of Corona virus is seen across the globe in almost every country and the entire automobile industry in the world and it also had a major hit on already sluggish Indian Automobile industry in previous year.

April 2020 Zero car sales Reported Key Highlights:

  • The Initial phase of Lockdown 1.0 in India in March end still got some volume of sales to the Automobile industry in the last 10 days of March 2020.
  • While the extended Lockdown 2.0 in entire April 2020 bought the industry sales volumes to Zero.
  • If we look at the numbers back in April 2019 Over 2.45 Lakh passenger cars were sold in the Indian market. Who would have ever imagined that the Automobile industry would report Zero sales figures in the same month in 2020.
  • The domestic automotive sales fell -100% in the month of April 2020. The exports of the respective OEMs might have given them some sales contribution which would also be very less in no. as the OEMs and manufacturing industries were shut down the entire month.
April 2020 Zero Car Sales in india sprintwheelz

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The Indian Government has taken tough decisions and steps to contain the spread of coronavirus by implementing a harsh lockdown across the sub-continent and stopping the production, distribution, and sales of the products that are categorized as ‘non-essential’ items, the automobile industry was also part of this category and thus hasn’t been allowed to operate in the time period.

  • This Timely step taken by government had its good aspects in terms of saving lives and controlling the spread of coronavirus in a country where medical facilities are not that good as said by WHO.
  • But also Automobile industry had to face the wrath of the coronavirus with April 2020 zero car sales reported from almost all the manufactures in India.
  • However the business losses in this time are temporary and we as a nation have to face this small dent in the growth and economy rather than ruining it entirely. The automotive sector shall be able to thrive in a stronger way after the pandemic situation is controlled.

However, we expect the government to launch some schemes and relaxations for the automotive industry as well as customers to boost sales no. and ultimately help to boost the Indian Economy.

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