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Audi A5 Sportback 2017 Review Price & Specs

2017 audi a5

Coupe’s are not just a taste in india they are class. And as we say classes are not for masses this one is also not meant for masses. Yes folks, we are talking about the biggest manufacturer of class leading cars in the world. The name is AUDI.
Audi has always proved a mark in style , design, comfort and power. A complete package in all the range of vehicles designed or produced. This year the Audi A5 gets a new mature look and a new phase to enter in the Indian market.
2017 audi a5 A5 launched back in 2007 has proven its mark in the premium sedan segment and continues to do so. This year it marks its way to the coupe line up again. We have already seen a couple of additions in this segment be it the Mercedes CLA, CLS or the BMW M4 all have aged gracefully so far and still look fantastic in terms of styling and deliver equal amount of power.

Audi A5 sportback Exteriors

It looks gorgeous no matter what angle you take a glance on to it. This is majorly because of the platform this new car had been designed. You see beautifully designed front grill with loads if lines and curves al across the body. The beautifully sculpted headlights with Day time Running lamps look gorgeous. In my honest opinion the car looks the best from the tail as it recalls the marvellous engineering and designing done to make it class apart.
2017 audi a5 The sportback bodyline gives the coupe like finish at the tail which makes the car even more appealing to the eyes. This coupe finish would definitely mean getting in and out from the rear seat will be a tussle for taller passengers but that can be overlooked by the class it carries all across. The 18” alloy wheels compliment and complete the styling with a section 245 tyre which surely provides good stability in high speeds.

2017 Audi A5 sportback Interiors

Talking about the interiors the Indian spec model gets a three way climate control for the air conditioner, and a 8” infotainment system which is intuitive to operate with all the modern day bells and whistles like apple car play and android auto. In our test car we also got to see premium leather seat covers with the marvellous fit and finish Audi provides be it the centre console or the armrest. The cabin will remind you of the Audi A4, but feels a tad bit lesser on space, especially at the back. 2017 audi a5 The rear has headrests for two grown-ups and the centre seat is good enough for only kids to sit across as you would be cramped for sheer leg room there. Hypothetically its a Sportback so one could expect such seats at the back as the real fun is to drive one and not be chauffeur driven. However, you get to view the panoramic sunroof which is electrically assisted for comfort at the back. This also comes equipped with reverse parking camera which is a must for coupes like this as technically the back is non existent for the driver to view for.

Engine and Performance

A5 comes equipped with a 2.0 litre turbocharged motor which is a 4 cylinder inline diesel engine equipped with a common rail injection system. The punchy motor delivers about 188 Bhp of power at around 3800 Revs Per Minute (RPM) and 400 Nm of torque at 1750 RPM. The power figure shows that surely torque is plenty and evenly distributed so that the driver never feels the turbo lag behind the steering wheel.
2017 audi a5 Mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox the diesel motor delivers ample amount of responsiveness for keen drivers in addition to the paddle shifters which makes manoeuvring the car easily and provides feedback to the drivers. If you manage to hit the clusters properly then expect a 0-100 in less than 8 seconds. And that is my folks fast enough to make you feel on a race track. Be it you are overtaking a truck on the highway or cruising at highway speeds all along.
The ride handling feels on the softer side as the suspension sits on the softer side to provide enough feedback to its riders be it in the indian road conditions. Coming to the steering its a electrically assisted steering which definitely will provide ample amount of feedback to the keen drivers.
2017 audi a5 If you really want the better of the A5 then would definitely recommend you to go for the S5 variant as it significantly provides more power as it comes with a bigger 3.0 litre petrol engine delivering 349 Bhp of power and a massive 500 Nm of torque.



Overall the Audi A5 is a great package of performance and comfort but i still would not rate this high in terms of the name sportback. It lacks the punch of a real sports car but delivers great performance on the highways with good fuel economy. It isnt just a 4-door sports sedan as the name would suggest. Practically thinking the A4 Looks more conventional in its looks and the A5 would appeal more to you. The also does borrow the same engine dynamics the A4 carries but with an added advantage of a coupe styling.

Rest my folks , i leave the decision on you whether you would want to save some extra money for an equally better machine or would you prefer to pay extra for a better looking machine with coupe finish stylings. Stay tuned to Sprintwheelz , where you KNOW YOUR RIDE !

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