How to Properly disinfect your vehicle in Covid-19 ?

The Spread of the COVID-19 is rising, and in such a situation all of us must be taking basic precautions. So in this situation a question arises How to properly disinfect your vehicle in Covid-19 cabin and minimize the risk.


The coronavirus is characterized as a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), this outbreak has become a serious concern over the past few months. While the situation might be Critical, recent instances and learnings have proven the effectiveness of following simple protocols to control rapid spread of the coronavirus. Basic practices like social distancing and maintaining a proper hygiene are the only and the best alternative to prevent and control coronavirus spread.

So while we discuss about maintaining proper hygiene and practicing sanitization at home and workplaces after lockdown relaxations in certain areas, Similarly it’s important to properly disinfect your vehicle in Covid-19.

Here are few things you can take care to prevent the COVID-19 spread while travelling and after travelling in vehicle at home 

Maintain personal hygiene

  • We must practice personal hygiene by washing or sanitizing hands while we go out to drive the car to some place and again washing hands after you return back home to ensure safety.
  • Spread of Coronavirus is primarily through respiratory droplets, so cover your mouth properly with a face mask or a cloth while going out and while coughing or sneezing.
  • Also add a few essential things to the cabin of your car, like a box of tissues and a trash bag for safe disposal. Having a sanitizer dispenser in the cupholder of the car will be great.  

Properly Clean the cabin of the vehicle

  • If droplets of an infected person contaminate surface in the car then the virus can remain active on that surface for a few days.
clean cabin to disinfect car in covid- 19 sprintwheelz
  • The solution here is to disinfect the surface But before you start disinfecting, it is important to note that these chemical based disinfectants and cleaning solutions are effective only when the surfaces are free of dirt or dust particles.
  • Clean the interiors of your car thoroughly. If possible, Vacuum clean the cabin and dust-off and wipe the surfaces including the door handles, dashboard, door pads Ac vents, steering, gear knob and the seats. Don’t forget to clean the dirt in the corners.

Disinfect all the frequently touched surfaces

  • To properly disinfect your vehicle in Covid-19, All the frequently touched surfaces including the exterior and interior door handles, steering wheel, gear shifter knob, sun visors, hand brakes, handle bars on doors, seat adjustment levers, seatbelt buckles, dashboard, touchscreens and all the buttons and knobs throughout the cabin. And the key and the key hole should be disinfected.
  • Now to Disinfect these surfaces, sanitize all these surfaces by wiping down all these surfaces with a disinfectant to neutralize the effect of any contagions. Repeat the same process every time you come to your home from outdoor places, since these surfaces are highly prone to be contaminated as these are frequently touched while driving.
clean buttons to disinfect car in covid- 19 sprintwheelz
  • Products like Bleach, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia-based products are strictly Not recommended as it would be too harsh for a vehicle’s interior.
  • The most effective option to sanitize the cabin and other surfaces of your vehicle is to disinfect these surfaces using Alcohol bases Sanitizing and disinfecting solutions that have >60% alcohol content or use Surgical spirit, which is readily available across pharmacies and medical stores, the spirits have at least 70 percent isopropyl alcohol content that is generally considered safe for cabin materials.
clean door handle to disinfect car in covid- 19 sprintwheelz
  • The spirit can be applied to a cloth or a tissue paper and can be used to wipe down all the frequently touched surfaces. Moreover, disinfectant sprays available at medical stores could also be used by spraying them on a cloth or folded tissue and wiping down the surfaces.
  • We recommend to use microfiber cloth, as it makes it easy to clean surfaces and dirt effectively and prevent scratches on glossy finished surfaces or car pint or on the touchscreen infotainment system.

Cleaning the seats, the upholstery

  • Clean is the Seats, Headrests, seatback pockets, backrests and armrests. Here also, we can use Spirits or disinfectant liquids readily available which have >60% alcohol content.
  • In case of leather upholstery, repeated use of alcohol-based products or aggressive scrubbing with soapy solutions can cause damage to the upholstery,
to clean dashboard to disinfect car in covid- 19 sprintwheelz
  • So post cleaning them with the disinfectants / spirits we should clean them with car seat conditioner or leather wax to keep the finish of the surface up to the mark.
  • In case of Fabric upholstery soapy water should not be used, instead use the dampen cloth in soap solution. If possible, vacuum or dry cleaning can be done. After wiping the seats down.      

Servicing the air-conditioning system

  • Get your AC serviced by professionals or do it yourself by spraying disinfectant in the AC vents and by cleaning the air filters of the vehicle once in a while.

Practicing social distancing even in the vehicle 

  • Most important factor is to practice Social distancing even in the car.
  • If traveling on a two-wheeler you should only be travelling alone and while travelling in a car only two people sitting alternately to each other with masks on face is recommended.
  • At fuel stations, maintain a safe distance from pump attendants and even try paying using digital wallets or UPI and avoid payments through cash or card
  • Remember to clean the fuel lid touched by the pump attendant even if he touched it wearing a glove.   

Not only private vehicles but commercial, supply chain and logistics vehicles and trucks should be sanitized every time used with the disinfectant on frequently touched surface in order to prevent infection and control the spread of coronavirus so stay hygienic, stay home, stay safe because we are in this together.

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