Our Team

Our team  is not-only a group of automobile enthusiasts but a bond between three school time amigos who always wanted to push their limits and stand apart and showcase the automobiles. Make things easier for the car & bike buyers to understand and take a Right decision & Make the Right Purchace and keep them updated with all the latest updates from automobile Industry.



Hitesh Sprintwheelz


Hitesh a.k.a. – The Geek Guy from the hood. With those cinematographic shots and creative ideas and amazing writing skills with in depth knowledge of the automobile world he earned his spot in the team. He is an Engineer and a true automobile enthusiast with a mind-set to achieve huge milestones. The guy puts all the ideas into action. With those editing skills he showcases the world, the way the automobiles should be seen.

Raktim Sengupta

raktim sprintwheelz


Raktim Sengupta a.k.a. – The Plug Miner with the Thought Process deeper than the oceans and with those writing skills he has been a part of the venture since the toddling age. Being a banker in his professional life, Raktim is an automobile enthusiast. With the direction skills it makes life so much easier for us to capture the best of what we have. Raktim is the guiding force behind the screen to bring out the magic you see here on the blogs.

Saurabh Yadav

Saurabh a.k.a. – The Driving force the man had a vision that bounds us and drives us to push the limits. A Mechanical guy and a born automobile enthusiast, with his updated database and driving skills he supports us in the social media and during the shoots. He loves to ride. He is happy with his brezza.

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