Rolls-Royce to restart operations on May 4 amidst Covid-19

Rolls-Royce to restart operations on May 4 amidst Covid-19. It is the first car manufacturer to restart its UK operations and the production to begin at its Goodwood facility with single shift from Today.

Highlights of Plans made by Rolls Royce to restart operations:

  • Rolls-Royce to restart operations with production of its vehicles in single shift operations with 1,000 employees.
  • Employees will work on site, initially is a single shift daily instead of the usual two-shifts daily.
  • The plant was shutdown since March 23. Now Rolls-Royce will restart operations on May 4 amidst Covid-19
  • The Bmw group owned luxury carmaker will elaborate virus-protection measures and all measures will be put in place to ensure protection of workers.
  • The Staff is guided to wear masks and other protective clothing to work in shifts and to follow social distancing rules in every department.
  • The Facility at Goodwood’s is expected to record production that would be about 50 percent of the normal production, the initial focus of company is to receive a healthy flow of orders continuously, specially from China, where the coronavirus is declined with very few cases left or running at a low level.
  • There is no confirmation provided by Rolls Royce on Full scale resumption of the operations and the entire production yet. It depends on the government’s advisory issued in intrest of manufacturers, on basis of the Covid-19 situation and controllability ahead.
  • It is noticeable that the production restart date was chosen to be May 4, it coincides with Rolls-Royce’s 117th birth anniversary. It will mark new beginnings post he covid-19 situation.
  • The car manufaturer Henry Royce and auto dealer Charles Rolls first met on this date. Their meeting led to a partnership between them, and Rolls-Royce Limited was officially founded in March 1906.

Apart from Rolls-Royce Aston Martin is also set to resume production at its St Athan plant on May 5, also Bentley is also planning to restart operations at its Crewe factory on May 11. (JLR) Jaguar Land Rover will also resume limited production at its plants on the 18th May.

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